Vagina Vaginington

I really enjoy staying up this late.  The whole world is asleep :).  Girls are cute beecause they’re harmless.  The same can be said about sheep.  Imagine sheep whales?  Gigantic denizens of the deep covered in wool.  They’d probably sink.  Their wool would have to be waterproof, which seems impossible.  They’d also probably be very itchy, wet wool is one of the most awful fates imaginable.  I hear they used to make Jews wear wet wool jumpsuits in concentration camps.

Vagina Vaginington is an idea I had about a seemly white protestant woman from Worcester, Massachusetts.  Vagina wears striped pant suits, sometimes they are three piece, sometimes they are with a pencil skirt.  She is named after her great-grandmother, who, of course, because they are rich white protestants, was actually alive when Vagina was a little girl.  Vagina can recall great-grandmother, even though she was 3 and “NANA” was 132, she has fond recollections.  NANA would take Vagina in her bosom and rock her gently, saliva galivanting down her loose lips onto Vagina’s forehead, “baptism by drool” she’d say.  And oh how little Vagina would laugh with glee as she played with the long strands of thick phlegm stretching off her forehead to her toes.  What lovely imagery, what penchant wordplay, what vision, what passion, what shit, what fucking drivel, what fucking stupid cunt would write and/or read this shit?

The best part of waking up is a half eaten corpse floating in your cup.

Shit for sale, you don’t have to go home but you can’t shit here.  I know who I want to wipe my ass, I know who I want to wipe my ass.


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