In the News

Lots of bullshit stories in the news right now.  Most sensational is the SWINE FLU!!!  Oh dear shit!  First they got the birds, now they got the pigs, which animals can we trust?  This flu is the most racist flu ever created.  It’s bad enough that it’s pigs it came from, but Mexican pigs?  Imagine the travesty of dying from a Mexican pig?  It’s one thing to die from a classy British pig or chic French pig, the fact that it’s Mexican makes it swine.  I don’t understand where the distinction is made that something is an epidemic or pandemic?  I think 20 people had died and it was being declared a pandemic!  20 people is a pandemic?  Even further I think the amount of people infected was 2000, 2000 people out of 6,000,000,000 at least, that’s such an infinitessimally small number.  If it gets to 10% of the world’s population then maybe we can talk.  The common cold is more of a pandemic than that, more people die of bee stings probably.  More people die in a fucking bus crash than this supposed pandemic.  Back in the day there were real pandemics, a real man’s pandemic you can say.  Every summer a new epidemic/pandemic would sweep through cities.  It was common for the more affluent citizens to leave every year around the same time to avoid the latest greatest epidemic.  It was just a part of life, and why doesn’t it happen now?  Not because of miracle drugs, it’s because of fucking soap.  Just wash your fucking hands people, try to cut down on swimming in pools of pig shit for awhile.  There’s a reason this did start in Mexico, they don’t have as good as sanitation as we do, so chill the fuck out, the world’s not going to end.  Even if 1,000,000 people got swine flu that’s 6,000th the world’s population, which means that 99.994% of the world’s population still doesn’t have it.  So to make a big shit out of 2000 defies belief.

So another big story is that the government in its infinite wisdom decided they’d like to see pictures of Air Force One flying over New York City landmarks.  While it is probably alot easier and cheaper to just use photoshop in this day and age, they decided it was worth scaring the living shit out of people who when they last saw planes flying over them, saw those planes crashing into buildings.  I want to know why the government not only wanted to do this so badly, but why they thought it was so important to not tell anyone about it.  It really truly seems like they just wanted to scare the shit out of people.  Maybe they should consider having a Charlie Chaplin Lookalike Contest at a Holocaust Survivors Meeting, thats a good idea.  What a bunch of douchebags.

What’s the reason behind capitalizing the word “I”?  It’s not a proper noun, we don’t capitalize “you” “we” “they” “him” “us” and so on.  The only situation they do is when talking about God, “and He did this” “and He did that”.  What’s the implication?  Are we that stuckup about ourselves that we need to use the almighty “I” to describe ourselves?  And it’s not like we capitalize the word “a” either.  It’s just a capitalized word in the middle of an otherwise uncapitalized sentence, it’s totally wrong and i won’t do it anymore, i will not stand for it, its conceited and wrong, there’s no reason for it.

Wow, White Castle possibly has the worst timing ever, i just saw a commercial for their new “Pulled Pork Sandwiches” which featured a woman dressed in a pig costume erotically dancing on stage dousing herself in barbecue sauce. Got a feeling that’s not going to fly over well.

What’s the deal with having an option for a survery be “Not Sure”?  What sort of deranged person would go out of their way to go and find a survey to take it just to let people know they don’t have an opinion about it?  If you care enough to go through all the trouble to find that, youd think youd have some opinion about it by that point.


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