Most Discriminatory Flu Ever

I think I’ve got a little Swine Flu, my nose is stuffy.

This flu should be banned for being so discriminatory, flus should be equal-opportunity.  Being a swine flu, this leaves out Muslims and Kosher Jews, who are outraged, as they should be.  They should be allowed to get the flu, just like anyone else.  I think there should be an immediatre retraction and apology for this glaring prejudice.  And what if a Jew or Muslim accidentally contracts this illness?  It is, afterall, a product of swine; does that mean they will be excommunicated, or given some sort of religious citation?  What is the repercussion of violating those anti-swine laws?  This is some important shit, peoples’ lives and reputations are at stake.  Either no more swine flu, or at least a kosher alternative.  Swine Flu Pareve.  Let’s get a rabbi to bless them microbes, or virii or whatever the fuck those microscopic porkers are, oinking up our immune systems, slopping around in our veins.


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