Why does music think it’s different than any other media?  Music is just sound and you can’t really keep that from people or put them in prison for having it.  What’s the difference between listening to a song for free on the radio or your friend having bought a CD and letting you listen to the songs on it?  At what point are you obligated to pay for having heard that sound?  What if I had bought a CD and lost it and decide to illegally download those songs that I had already paid for?  Can people let me borrow their CDs they paid for?

The issue I think is best given when you take the issue of paintings.  To buy the Mona Lisa, for instance, would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, so that’s out, to buy a poster of the Mona Lisa would range in price depending on the quality.  But, the real issue is, anyone can see the Mona Lisa, just look it up on the internet, find it in a book, on t-shirts, coffee mugs, anything.  If someone finds a picture of the Mona Lisa on your  computer you won’t go to prison.  It’s one thing to see the Mona Lisa or any other great work of art on your little shitty computer screen, but if you want the real experience, a moving feeling, you’ll pay money to get into a museum and look at the painting for real.  Just like, if you really enjoy music, you will pay money to go to a concert and see it live.  I don’t know why musicians think that their medium is different in that way, the real experience is the music being made live, not being reproduced through other means.  It gives you an idea what it is like, but it’ll never be the impact of seeing it live.  Just like paintings, you can see it in a textbook but it’ll never be the same as seeing it huge in front of you.  Recorded music is just reproduction and not the actual creation, musicians are lucky, that for some reason their media gets to be recorded and reproduced and let more people hear it.  But, the real reason for that, is just so that people can get a sense of their music, like it, and go to their shows.  Musicians are performers and their recorded music is just an advertisement for their actual shows.


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