Swine Flu Revisited

Why are people so scared of this?  Even if 1 million people died of it, it’d still be less than 1% of the Earth’s population, yet everyone’s convinced they’re going to get it and what, 40 or 50 people have died?  More people die in a fucking bus crash, but you don’t see the entire Earth freaking out and boycotting busrides.  And it’s not even a scary to disease to die of either, oh no, I’m gonna cough and sneeze and feel achy until I die.  Come on, at least tell me I’m gonna piss my teeth out my dick or shit my eyeballs out of my ass.  Bubonic Plague, now that’s scary shit, you don’t want that; coughing up black goo, being covered in green welts that explode on people nearby.  Or Ebola Virus, fucking bleeding out every orifice.

It’s a ploy to make money, just like everything else, it’s no coincidence this happened in the middle of an economic depression.  Now, all of a sudden, every country on the planet needs to buy flu medication for every person.  That’s a great way for a drug company to turn a profit.  Create a medication, then spread rumors about how dire the situation is and the only way to be safe is for everyone to buy our drug.  I bet you could pick any disease out there right now, give it the right press and you’d get the same results.  Whoever made the medication for Swine Flu just had the best spin doctors out there right now (and I don’t mean “Little Miss Can’t be Wrong”), because, without a doubt, there are much worse things out there and even still they’re not as bad as it’s being made out to be.


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