Michael Jackson

51sh8LzQiNL._SS500_I don’t want to watch the news at least for a week.  I can’t stand to see the media get another chance to make a whirlwind out of Michael Jackson, for them to take advantage of the last and final story in his life.  I don’t want to hear all the sordid details and information that I’m sure they’ll want to know about and will be sure to make millions selling to the public.  They never left him alone, he was the most disrespected person in history.  Now people are saying how great he was and what a great loss it is, why couldn’t they be saying that while he was alive?  Why couldn’t anyone appreciate him while he was still with us?  He’d still be alive if that were the case, the world just shunned him and made him the biggest pariah in history; we could have gotten so much more talent and music from him if we had appreciated him while he was alive instead of turning him into what he became, a recluse needing drugs to cope with the world.

He was one of the most innocent people of all time.  All the people that made claims of him being a pedophile were the ones that were really deranged.  They were the ones that applied sick thoughts to something completely innocent because they just couldn’t understand it.  In their minds they were thinking “I know that if I were hanging out with children and letting them sleep in my beds, I certainly would be having sex with them.”  Well that’s your own sick fucking thoughts.  If Michael Jackson were really doing that do you think he’d be so open about it?  No.  It’s because he had nothing to hide, he was sincerely enamored with children probably because he never got to have a childhood of his own always being a celebrity as he was.  He was a Peter Pan, perpetually in innocent childhood and no one can understand that so they just put their own disgusting thoughts to his world they don’t understand.  Well, that’s your own fucking problem, but you made it his.  He was tortured by the world, and for no reason at all.  He had a bigger heart and gave more to charity and helped more people than anyone who has ever ridiculed him will ever do.

The world lost one of its brightest stars ever and its our own faults.  We never appreciated him and now we all need to live with that guilt.  We’ll never know what could have been if we all had respected and appreciated him while he was here, everyone would have benefitted.


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