A Play and a Thing

Outside:  bombers dropping their payloads incessantly.

I vont another lollipop…I vont it! I vont it!

You little bastard!  You can’t have another lollipop! (brit)

But I must!  Yes!  I crave it! Yes Yes!

O?  It’s a lollipop you want then is it?  grabs an axe Alright, I’ll give you a lollipop you little sweater.  CHOPS HIM IN HALF

MY LOLLIPOP!!! NO MY LOLLIPOP WHY!? Cut in half is it? You can do no worse?

I’ll do my best chuckles.

Hello.  Ladies and gentleman.  Seals and whales.  Antelopes and cellos.  Rectangles and cucumbers.  There is no longer any telegraphs available in eskimo.  The following programs are retarded:  Maelstrom.  Dot com.  Org. Net.  Telecom telescope.  Magnifying mangoes underwater.  HBO is NBC in Latin.  Teletubbies were created by URANUS.  There once was a telephone that was so huge that it had its own moon that would revolve around it.  It was a blue moon of a light blue shade.  Everything on the ground would be blue and everything would reflect it like.  Your vagina, your ass hair, in the pale blue moon light.  Your vagina in your hair, your sly clitoral stare, that dries my testes bare it’s witchcraft.  I got no defense for it.  Happy go lucky go lesbian.  Seagull flying so high and so free.  Lesbians leisurely licking lollipops lolling lazily like lame lizards lapping large land lubbers liberally lambasting local loners, lollygaggers, lumberjacks, loggers, leopards and lice.  Talleyrand was a fellow who was quite tall and gay, he touched toward the sky with a big swish and a sway.  He was so very clver, he was so very smart, he tried on a four leaf clover and shot his friend in the park.  Meow.  It’s time for a celebration of life to come forth from within and create without and diveide the other and subtract the part and ease out the restriction and come from the heart and put forth a proomise in tomorrow for our progeny to create a world in peace and harmony and to continue to hold ourselves to a leve l o f excellence only found in the higher echelons of society and to create a world in which all our brothers and sisters can fart on public benches in new york and elsewhere and to divide the numerator and to create a start for all our brothers to speak and fart with pride and digfnity and self esteem and confidence and fortidude and fortified with high toxins of rat poison and othe r highs coiety socialites like popeye rodrigues and uranus hertz mcdouglas superstore.  .


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