Hallucinations in Peru

What a catchy title, I bet you’re reading this now expecting me to be some sort of traveler, a person who travels if you will.  I am not.  Here’s a jingle:  What’s black and white and black and red it’s my friend’s cat I found him dead.  He was sleeping under my tire and I didn’t know that until before I moved my car over him.  I was like, I’m not gonna live my life according to cats.  You put your faith in pussy you get fucked.  Bananas foster.  Bellhops.  Fan MAIL!  I do actually have some Pervuian cacti (which I accidentally wrote catci at first, you see cats, they do that to you) and these cacti (wrote catci first again) have mescaline in them (no i didn’t write meowscaline you fucker) and if you eat those cacti, preferrably with the spines removed, you will trip.  Like hallucinate, maybe you will literally trip, cuz you’ll be fucked up, either way, this is really dumb.  I shouldn’t try to write posts while I’m watchin TV and entertaining guests.  I do a little dance for em, O i love to do a little dance for em, shake my leg a tiddle bit, wave my tophat in their hair, tap my cane wit my big ole smile.  O i love to do a dance, lord do I love to do a dance.


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