Akon and Young Jeezy

u1_akon_africaAkon is sick, he has a unique voice.  I think partly because he has an accent, he’s from Africa.  Ghana I think.  Let me check…St. Louis.  He’s from Missouri.  Why did I think he was from Ghana?  Am I a racist?  Would I assume Frank Sinatra was from Italy?  There was just something different about Akon…Un-American; not the bad UN-American.  Just, didn’t have the American lean.  He was leaning Ghanese hard though.  I don’t know if Ghanese means you’re from Ghana.  I know that Italian means you’re from Italy though; I am a racist.  I never meant for this to happen.  I love the colorful skin rainbow of cultures and religions littering the Earth.  Skin rainbow does not have a nice visual to it.  Just imagine different toned skins crudely sewn together in long strips in an arch shape, in the sky above a cess pool.  A genetic cess pool.  Smells bad. Rotten. Stinky poopy.


ah ah





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