The Legend of Slim Pickens

Slim Pickens:  Howdy y’all

ALL:  Howdy, Slim.

SP:  Gee wiz, I’d un think y’all got me a surprise.

ALL:  No, surprise, SLIM.  Just pure carnal satisfaction.

SP:  What ye yappin bout ya?

ALL:  O, nothing, just a calf’s rear end.


SP:  I spit in your mother’s throat.

Bartender:  Now, Slim, that’s not how a Christian talks.

SP:  pisses on the floor, stomps on it and gets piss on everyone. Fuck your cross.

BT:  Aw, now Slim…why’d you have to go and done that.  Whips out rifle. You rotten cunt bubbling shit sucker.  Shoots slim’s head off. Bitch, clean that blood up.


One thought on “The Legend of Slim Pickens

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