11The homeless situation in the US is crazy.  These people should get homes.  It is unacceptable to not have a home in this day and age.  What with all the abandoned buildings in Detroit, there could be a veritable Neverland of homeless.  These Lost Boys will create their own little society in the ruins of Motown.  Lit by lanterns and torches at night it’ll be quite a sight to behold.  There will be a king of Hobo Detroit, with full hobo king attire.  He will be a philosopher hobo king as in holding with ancient Hobo traditions of Athens.  I can see it as a musical.  “The Last Hobo King” starring Colm Wilkinson as King Heironymous Ketchup Packet III.  It’ll be a tale of betrayal and greed in a struggle for power for the Kingdom.

Let’s light up Detroit with the regal lights of hobo kings.  The Holy Hobo Empire can have its own navy.  Trash cans rigged together, rusty barges, they’ll raid the coasts of the Great Lakes, with Hobo verocity and perspicacity.  Rampantly pillaging recyclables and burning down hookers, they tear a swath of destruction through the Midwest.


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