Uh Oh

Where do dreams come from?  I think Hackensack.  Where did Hackensack get its name from?  I think from the high rates of people being hacked to bits then put into sacks.  Sounds like a proficient system to me…hack…then sack.  Easy clean up, use those new Glad garbage bags that are really stretchy, I bet you could sack someone first and even if they struggled they couldn’t poke a hole in those things; by God, you could have put someone in a sack first then hacked them up.  Good thing those bags weren’t around when Hackensack got its name, or else it could easily have been Sackenhack.  I would never go to a town named Sackenhack, come to think of it, I’d never go to Hackensack either, regardless of the rates of hackins’ and sackins’.  If it weren’t so hard to get to New York City otherwise, I would never go through New Jersey.  New Jersey is a horrible place where monsters go to die.  Well then, it’s not so bad if they go there to die.  What’s so bad about a place with a bunch of dying/dead monsters?  I’d be more scared to be in the places where the monsters go to live and prosper.  Where’s that?  I don’t know, probably in China now, the way the economy over here is doing.  Hard for a monster to get employed.  Even with monster.com har har har.  That was awful.  That was just God awful.  I can’t deal with this anymore, I can’t stand to look at what I just wrote one moment longer.  Adieu.


One thought on “Uh Oh

  1. doloris clitoris says:

    can you pop the pimples on my ass?
    drool all over us

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