Goodnight Tonight

Conan O’Brien.  He has tonight achieved martyrdom.  By taking the high road and coming back with someone treating him awful and making it positive, he shows the truest form of being great.  He could have come back at NBC and said awful things about them, but instead he was a true great man and gave thanks to them for all they did for him.  I think that what happened to him actually will turn out to be the greatest thing to ever happen in his career.  He has reached religious heights in how he treated this scenario.  He has shown he is more than just a brilliant comic, but he is also just truly what I would define as a great human being.  He has made an incredible example for others to follow.  In his parting message he told us to not be cynical and I really took it to heart.  He is a real person and a real standup guy.  He has achieved true greatness.  He really set the bar of something I’d like to follow.  What I truly respect and what I think others do as well, is someone that can show kindness and caring in the face of nastiness and cruelty.  I really am moved by what he did.  If Johnny Carson were alive, I think he would have absolutely zero respect for Jay Leno and would be completely in support and proud of Conan being the one running his show.  Conan is a true role model and with all the famous people out there, famous solely for their depravity and promiscuity it is really refreshing to see someone out there with actual values and morals.  I wish the absolute best for Conan and I know he will achieve even greater things because he is truly great and people recognize and respond to it.  He used his fame for something good and thats the most admirable thing one can do.  God bless you Conan and God bless your future endeavors.  You will be sorely missed on late night TV, but I know you can only go up from here.


One thought on “Goodnight Tonight

  1. liss hiss says:

    you know, i looked up my blog in google “earthquaketemplate” and YOUR post titled the same comes up on page one, my blog, page two.
    conan the king

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