Hey Jimmy! Jimmy! Oh Jimmy Mack!

I love cute animals.  There really aren’t many animals that ARENT cute, so that’s a bit stupid to clarify.  I think foxes are really cute, and panda bear kittens, and tiger munchkins.  Imagine a box of dunkin donut munchkins that’s jut filled with all sorts of baby animals rolled up in balls?  That’d be so adorable.  Fetal position animals are even cuter than standing position animals.  When I have a child, I will surgically insert metal rods into his spine so that he can never leave the fetal position.  I will give him a jet pack that shoots out of his shoulders, and install rollerskates on his back.  That way he can get around everywhere ass first in the fetal position.  He will always be naked.  As he jetpacks down the streets, there will be all sorts of debris that will inadvertently ram up his ass.  That is why there will be a windshield for his asshole.  I guess wind flying up your ass would hurt alot too.  So it’s all taken care for.  Would it need windshield wipers?  Not likely, I haven’t met an asshole with eyes since Barack Obama (that’s called political humor).

I could really go for french fries, for some reason I envision sticking french fries up my boys butthole like it’s a pencil sharpener.  I’d like to sharpen my french fries before eating them.  Boy, I hope Child Protective Services reads my blog and castrates me before it’s too late.  Does CPS do that?  Are they allowed to have drive by castrations on people they know would just be horrible parents?  They really should, and while they’re at it they should sterilize all the minorities!  No! NO! That is so bad, I really love minorities, but just for the sake of semantics, they will not be minorities much longer at this rate.  Honestly though, I think a United States that is majority Hispanics would be SOOO much better.  First off, lots of them are really attractive, secondly, they’re usually ALOT of fun!  They love dancing and laughing and smoking weed and their music is really upbeat and cheery.  And finally, of course, their food is delicious!  I’d rather have a burrito than spotted dick.  What the fuck?  WASPs have the worst food ever created, Mexicans basically have the best.  Let’s allow Italians, Mexicans and Asians to take over just for the food. Plus, hey baby I know you’ll like this, they’re ROMAN CATHOLICS, so we get to fuck bareback!  Yeah, I love it raw, so much nicer, and it’s alot hotter after ten minutes of pleasure to have weeks of anxiety and stress that you could be a father.  Cumming inside a girl is like…cumming in my pants, except in a vagina, which is alot nicer; it is tight (usually), warm and accommodating, wet, gooey and textured and soft and silky.  I tell ya, Vaginas really were made for Cocks, there is no better place to shove your cock into.  I’m looking at you homosexuals…come on now, just fucking shut your eyes and shove it into a vag, if you don’t like it, then there’s something really wrong with you, you deserve to fuck an asshole if you can’t appreciate a vagina.  That being said let me just reiterate I love all minorities and I love gays, not to the point where I’d fuck them, but I think they’re alot of fun too, they bring the party and are good conversationalists and I enjoy their interior decorating skills and I’d like for one of them to help me buy a new wardrobe, they are really good dressers, (even better armoires HAHAHA) as long as they’re going for the well-dressed masculine look, not the feminine, BEBE, BITCH written across your ass flamboyant look, I’m not into that, at least not for myself.  I don’t think other people appreciate that either, they give gays a bad name.  Straight people don’t really ram it down your throats that they’re straight, (unless you’re an eight year old Thai hooker, then they ram it down your throat pretty hard).  We get it, youre gay, be fucking miserable and horny about it like the rest of us.  Then you will be accepted and loved.  Just keep it to yourself.  Or I’ll make a straight parade and you’ll be seein alot of cock in vag.  Imagine a big float of a cock followin a big float of a vag, they keep drivin a little, then the vag stops short and the cock slams into it. That’d be a great parade.  Anyway, I love you all.  I love opioids, I haven’t tried opiates, but I am sure they are great too.  I am not doing it recreationally, so it is a pure type of love, the type of love that comes from appreciation of being relieved of horrible pain and on top of that being given an extra gift of euphoria as a nice take home goody bag.


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