Grammys Suck

Have you heard about Betty?  Betty Spaghetti?  Yeah, she won a Grammy for Best Album of the Year.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Nope, no joke.  Yeah, that’s right, the Grammys are a fucking farce.  The fucking best albums of this year were by Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews Band, and Lady GaGa?  Are you fucking serious?  That’s the best music being made right now?  Any of them should have their fucking album coming with a Kid’s Meal at Burger King.  They’re all absolutely the fucking corniest cheesiest bullshit music ever made.  Of all them I’d say GaGa was the best just because of originality and creativity.  What the fuck does anyone see in Taylor Swift, she’s apparently beautiful?  Maybe to a fucking pedophile.  Who wants to see a titless, shapeless wonder being in her twenties?  She has no femininity at all.  I guess people just like those blonde, blue eyed? girls?  Does she even have blue eyes?  Does she even have eyes?  Has anyone ever seen them?  Is she stoned 24/7 or is she just an incredibly unfortunate looking person?  Why the fuck is there even country music categories in the Grammys?  They have their own fucking Grammys, they just need to give out as much awards to themselves as possible?  Weren’t getting enough at the Grammys, had to make their own to get even more.  They also have made so many categories in the Grammys so that Beyonce can win as many as possible.  What the fuck is with all these R&B awards?  Best R&B Solo Performance.  Best R&B Collaboration.  Best R&B Song About Being Single.  Best R&B Album with An Alter Ego for A Name.  Who the fuck is Sasha Fierce and why does Beyonce need to be her?  Aren’t you famous enough?  Now you think you need some alter ego of badassness?    There’s like over 100 categories in the Grammys, and most of them are for R&B and Rap stars, it’s fucking so unfairly in their advantage.  No shit Beyonce won the most awards, I don’t even know if she did, but I can only imagine she did, they created them just for her.  They have like Best Hawaiian album and Best Southern Texas Mexican Music album, but they got rid of Best Polka Album and made Jimmy Sturr be in the Best Folk Music album.  If you’re going to have the Best Folk Music album category, why not just put all those Folk categories of music in that category, do we really need Best Polynesian Arabian Fusion Rap album?  There’s such bullshit.  The Grammy’s are a fucking joke.  There’s not actually any music critics judging it, I’m pretty sure it’s just based on the Billboard standings.  Just call it Best Selling Album of the year and cut out all the bullshit, there’s nothing based on actual musical talent.  Fuck you, what else should we expect you money grubbing assholes.  They go up there and try to make us feel bad about pirating music, aw I’m so sorry you’re not making as many multi-millions of dollars as you could otherwise be doing.  If you had any actual talent, maybe you could make money going on tour and singing live and performing in front of people.  Oh, but I’m sorry, you’re not able to that, you need a team of scientists and engineers digitally creating your voice and instruments for you in order to sound even remotely pleasant.  Yeah, you still could be millionaires going on tour and doing live events, if you have actual talent.  For all you talentless suckers out there, find another job to go get lauded upon and doted on.  Just be a fucking soap opera star or Sear’s catalog model, that’s all you deserve anyway for the most part. Motherfucker.


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