Update: Western Power Pussies

So, the big fucking surprise from Iran turned out to be fucking stupid; big fucking surprise there.  Ahmadinejad told a big crowd of crazy fucking Iranians that Iran is nuclear and has the power to make nuclear bombs, wooo, didn’t we already know that?  But, I should mention, he also let them know that even though they are able to make nuclear weapons, they’re not gonna, cuz they’re cool like that.  And what do us Western folks do? Well, we keep threatening to do something…boy I bet Iran is shakin in their boots.  We really have proven we mean what we say…yeah right.  We have been threatening to impose sanctions on Iran for years now and we haven’t done anything.  Every step of the way that Iran has said they would do something and then actually ended up doing it, we’ve been right there THREATENING to do something if they do it, but never actually have.  This reminds me alot of back before I was born and Britain kept appeasing Hitler.  Everyone fucking knew what the guy was saying he was going to do, and were totally against it.  But did absolutely nothing to stop him until it was too late.

What the fuck are you waiting for Britain and USA?  What the fuck are you afraid of?  What is Iran gonna do if you turn off their gas supply?  Oh, yeah, now they might NUKE someone you fucking idiots.  Way to fucking miss the train.  You don’t scare Iran at all Gordon Brown, keep fucking threatening them, they KNOW you’re not going to do what you said you’re going to do.  Iran has been completely non-compliant with the UN and every fucking body else, but for some reason, we just want to let them keep doing what they’re doing and continue to get away with it.  Seriously, what the fuck is everyone waiting for?  A pre-emptive strike?  An announcement of their huge nuclear payload?  At that point you really WILL NOT be able to do anything at all.  Then they’ll have everyone by the balls, and for all we know, they already do.  Gordon Brown and Barack Obama will go down as the most incapable leaders of the 21st century for doing absolutely jack shit about this situation and being the biggest pussies ever known to man.  Someone keeps slapping you in the face and farting in your mouth and what do you do?  “Oh, hey, don’t do that, I’ll do something back to you”  Well guess what?  If you keep SAYING you’re going to do something and do NOTHING, they’re gonna fuck with you worse.  You fucking suck, grow a fucking pair Western powers.  We have the advantage over Iran still, they should not be calling the shots.  Show them you mean fucking business and actually impose a motherfucking sanction instead of keep saying you will.  CUNTS!

UPDATE:  Sorry, to update my update, but I gotta say:  shame on you Iran.  I had been looking forward to February 11 for over a week now.  You said you were gonna do something awesome that’d bring us to our knees.  What the fuck?  You better still have something in store, it’s 10:30PM in Tehran right now.  You have an hour and a half to do something cool.  If you can’t even deliver on promises of a sick surprise, how are we ever going to expect you to wipe Israel off the face of the map or anything else you’ve said.  What we’ve got here is a case of two big windbags blowing hot air at each other.  Come on pull through!  Give me hope again!


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