That’s Entertainment!

I wonder why it is that we have it all when we’re too young to actually appreciate any of it.  Is it so we can live the rest of our entire lives with regret?  Nothing like living everyday with guilt, sorrow, remorse and emptiness.  I would do anything to have all the people I’ve cared about still be alive and with me, I regret not spending more time with them all and taking for granted their existence.  I squeeze out some of my Gogurt on the ground for my deceased homies.  That’s a very pessimistic interpretation.  The optimistic interpretation would be that we learn from that experience to appreciate the people we have now and the people we will have in our lives.  We know that they’re not going to be around forever, so maybe childhood is just a learning experience for adulthood.  All these hoods.  Wah wah wah, sad sad sad.  All alone, gotta strike it out on my own and become the person that other people will someday miss and wish was still in their lives. Oh, yeah, that’s really uplifting, nice life goal pussy emo.  But, in a way that is nice, I’m saying I want to mean something to people and, I guess, be a positive influence in peoples’ lives, otherwise why would they ever miss me?  No one is going to be wishing some homicidal psychopath was still in their lives, so in a way the sentiment is nice, I’m saying I want to be a good guy to those around me and enrich and better the lives of other.  Hooray.  Hooray for Hollywood. Let’s bring back that old school Hollywood glamor.  I wanna wear ermine and fox and sable, JK! that’s one aspect of Hollywood I am glad is gone, I’ll wear synthetic dead animals instead.  Ersatz dead fox wrapped around my glamorous neck and shoulders.  Oh, darling, you look simply fabulous, wherever did you get that corpse?  Yes, bring back some good old ENTERTAINMENT.  Where storyline is secondary, and talent is PRIMARY.  Dancing! Singing! Joke-telling! Piano-playing! or any instrument for that matter.  The storyline just is enough to incorporate all our acts of talent showcase and that’s all it’s good for.  A little simple love story, maybe a love triangle, boy loves girl, boy gets in argument with girl, girl meets new boy, original boy has to win girl back from new boy, that’s ok because the new boy turns out to be a pompous asshole, the original boy and girl put on their fabulous act to everyone’s great entertainment, and that new boy somehow gets terribly embarrassed and ridiculed off the face of the planet and original boy and girl go off together and promise to never leave one another again.  Goodnight folks! That’s entertainment! The world is a stage, the stage is a world of EN…TER…TAINNNNN….MENNNNNNNNNNNNT!!!


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