I really don’t understand the concept of building subdivisions.  Even the word itself: what are they dividing, and what is it (sub) below?  To be fair, I am a conservationist, or, more over, I am against destroying nature for building, especially something I don’t get the concept of.  Even more so, in these times of the housing collapse and people not having as much money, how does it make sense to build new huge amounts of homes?  I just don’t get it, what happened to just building one house at a time?  I mean, is it less expensive to build houses in bulk?  Build 9 houses get the 10th free?  I’m pretty sure that the price of building 50 houses at once is the same as building 50 individual houses at different times.  One thing I understand is the concept of supply and demand.  So, given that logic, I would be lead to believe that right now, somewhere, there are 50 displaced families in desperate need of homes, and the only way for them to find shelter is that we build 50 houses in a small area immediately, that’s really the only way it makes any sense to me.  The fact of the matter is, though, that right now, I am more than certain that there are 50 and more homes available (though spread out) in my town.  I should say at this point that I am talking about this because there is a proposed subdivision to be built, consisting of over 50 homes on a piece of pristine wetlands.  Anyway, back to the question of what subdivisions are for.  So, I just do not get it, what advantage does the builder have to build so many homes at once?  Especially with the economic climate being the way it is, it would not make any sense to build all the houses before you have buyers for all of them, right?  I mean, obviously these people are first buying the land, then they are having to pay for all the land surveys and engineering designs of infrastructure and then they have to clear the land and buy all the materials for the house and then pay for the labor to build the house.  So, why would they be putting up all these huge amounts of money unless they knew they could sell the houses?  You’re not going to sell 50 houses right now at one time, there are 50 families just dying to buy, (I’m sure it will be) close to million dollar homes.  And that’s beside the point, I still don’t get the purpose of a subdivision, is it to create a small community?  Do they want to pretend they’re building a little town, where people can all live close together and exclude themselves from our larger community?  Is it a form of community, are these subdivision builders really modern day philosophers trying to create little Utopias?  I highly doubt that, the most realistic explanation is that it somehow creates large sums of money, but I just don’t see how.  I guess the most obvious answer would be, well if you can make alot of money building one house, you can make 50 times as much making 50 houses.  Alright, but I still don’t get why it has to be built all at once; I can see buying a piece of land and having it zoned into separate lots and first you build one house and when someone buys that, you start building the next house, so that you always have one more house that’s in the works while the last completed house is for sale.  But it doesn’t make any sense to have an inundation of the market of houses when you have no buyers.  I’m a pragmatist and a conservationist damnit.  Build two houses at a time, that’s the most I’ll allow.  But start one before the other.  Then when the first house is done, try to sell it and by the time it’s bought, there’ll be one house ready to be sold again, but don’t build 50 at a time; it makes no sense financially and is just stupid and ugly.  I hate all these clusterfucks of houses.  It’s so much prettier to have your own yard secluded from other houses.  I’d love to look out my window and see forests and trees, not my neighbors three car garage.  I mean, in reality, I’d love to see no houses there at all.  And, oh, if you’re going to build houses, could you actually put some consideration into the design for the love of God?  I’m sick of seeing all these four-story faux-Victorian ranch style houses with the wrap around roofed porch.  No Victorian-era millionaire had a three car garage, or was living on a ranch, so shove it.  There’s no consideration put into architecture anymore.  Architecture’s real goal should be to create a building that fits into the local style and fits the environment the best, with the least impact.  Houses shouldn’t stick out like sore thumbs, it’s one thing to have a Victorian style house in the middle of a town, that makes sense.  But why are there Victorian mansions in the middle of the woods or in a farm pasture?  It just doesn’t work.  The problem is they design the houses first, then find places to put them, when it should most definitely be the other way around.  I see the same exact house being built in the suburbs of Salt Lake City as being built in Connecticut.  You’re telling me those locales geographically are the same?  Culturally the same?  No, not at all, there was no consideration or thought put into it.  It’s just the same old mass-production mindset that is completely devoiding our world of taste and class.  There’s no craftsmanship in anything anymore, it’s just mas amplitudes of the same fucking boring shit.  If you built a subdivision of well-thought-out individually designed, built-from local materials houses, then I wouldn’t give two fucks.  But just to see these monstrosities sticking out like giant cocks and turds dotting the land is so insulting and offensive to the beautiful land they are now occupying and belittling.  The end.


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