Thinkin Thoughts or Dippin Dots

It’s funny how the wording of the Bible gives alot more away than what they’re implicitly saying.  For instance, you can tell that the Bible was written by people in the Middle Ages, (or at least the version we read) because of their use of the word “Lord”.  No one nowadays has a Lord, at least I don’t know anyone that does.  But back when Christianity was taking off, all these serfs on their little piles of mud farms had a Lord; that is what was familiar to them as a master.  If the Bible were written today, in America, then we would probably be saying “Our Regional Manager and Savior, Jesus Christ” or “State Assemblyman of Heaven, our God, hallowed be thy name.” “CEO Jesus” and so forth and so on.  What my point is, the Bible obviously wasn’t written by fucking God.  It was written by some guys in the Middle Ages.  The version we know today.  Because, the Torah was written in Hebrew thousands of years ago and for some reason they translate it into “Lord” still.  But, I am sure that the word used in the Torah doesn’t exactly mean that, it probably just means “superior” and choose whatever word you like to mean that.  And whenever the Torah was translated into English, Lord was probably the popular term at the time.

I like big butts and I cannot lie.  It’s true, really skinny girls are unattractive, if that was what I was into, I might as well be attracted to 8 year old boys.  Be a woman, what’s hot about a woman is what defines a woman from being a man; your curves, your hips, your roundness.  I don’t want to see defined muscles on you and I don’t want to see your bones.  I want you to look fruitful and ripe and fertile.  To a point of course, I don’t want to see rolls and flabs either, it really is a fine line, I’m sorry girls, it is not easy for you.  But when you get it right, Lord Almighty, I mean Regional Manager Almighty, do you ever get it right, it is a glorious thing to behold.  Anyway, Jesus and tits and ass, that’s a holy trinity I can pray to, well maybe not the Jesus part, but he was a great guy nonetheless.


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