Catch Your Train to Nowhere

I remember when Hell was a nice place. Then the penguins moved in and everything went to Hell. Fish tails and cock trimmings everywhere. Circumcise yourself over a bucket, that’s much easier cleanup. I’ll have a bagel with lox. But who will bring the keys? There aren’t many werewolves left in the Bronx. Tomorrow I will go to Arabia and pick out the finest sugar plum fairy they have to offer. Can I borrow your feelings? Can I eat your ass with gloves? I remember when I used to wear a speedo to school. My curls were the best I had ever seen. Seven times out of one time, three is more than one. But the last time will be two times more than the first to last to next to third time I ever first went to do the last thing I never did before I hadn’t done it ever again. vacationing in Morocco is like sticking your dick in a marsh. You get a sponge but you don’t get to eaet it. When a lobster goes to Mars, does it pack its own viagra? How many times does times have to be timed for time to time itself timing time time time time. Time is a waste of time if I ever knew time to be time. This is the worst thing I have ever written and that’s saying a lot. Haven’t you gotten your poppies yet Mr Leopard? Where are your children going to play after the radical hijab has gotten back to the future to stow away its contents in an overhead Berlin Wall. I want to shove my groin into a meat package. Where all the childrens play make believe and all the adults believe make to be children in underwater caverns made out of chimney sweeps backward taint follicles.


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