So You Think You’re Funny…Now What?

Chances are, if you think you’re funny, you are one of the many people out there that have made others laugh at some point. Maybe they laughed at a witty remark you made, maybe they laughed at a silly voice you do, or maybe they laughed at how unfortunately ugly you are.  If you were funny on purpose, congratulations, you have a sense of humor. If you became enraged when someone laughed at you, the comedy business may not be for you. The next question to ask yourself is, “how many times was I able to make someone laugh and who were they?” If you’ve only made people laugh maybe once or twice and if they were highly intoxicated, there’s no true indication you’re funny. But – if you have made lots of people laugh, many times, under the influence of no substance, or they were not your brown-nosing subordinates, then congratulations, you are funny.  But now what? Who the fuck cares that you’re funny? Just about no one. That’s who.  Sure, it can be nice to be around someone who makes you laugh, especially if it isn’t that awkward, uncomfortable type of humor. The type of humor that makes you wonder if, maybe, they might have meant it when they said “I want to stick my hand up your ass, put a bowtie on you, sit you on my knee and start a ventriloquism act.”  Humor can be enriching, it can satisfy us, it can improve our moods, it can make us think about things that we otherwise might have been to uncomfortable to consider, like is it really possible to drown in less than an inch of your own shit? Yes. It is. As the old joke says. But, really, if you want to make comedy your career, you better be the one millionth of the population that has super-comedy skills. You have to have things to say that NO ONE else could ever come up with or arrange in quite the manner that you can put it in. Your train of thought has to be really and truly unique, beyond anyone else’s. In other words: you have to be an actual original person. Sure, you might believe you are, because you wear the right clothing to express it, or your favorite quotes express your originality by using others’ thoughts. But, in reality, the odds are completely not in your favor that you are someone unique or original. You have nothing to important to say, which is why you express yourself through the originality of others.  As far as comedy goes, to be truly good at it, you have to be the most original and unique thinkers that ever existed, even if you’re slightly close, it’s far away from being good. Bottomline is: be funny for fun, not for a living.


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