Tunisian Conflict

I wanna Tuner Pish sammich. Cad I git un right queek pappy? Why do I even try anymore to wright? I can’t even right things correctly anymore. It’s obserd. I’m gonna go talk to this lady who is educated and she is going to help me get rid of a lot of the junk that is keeping me from being able to focus and to unleash my inner creative torrent that I still POSSESS! But is locked away and muffled by a bunch of horrible outer coatings of shit shalack, hwo the fuck do you spell shallack, what the fuck is shallack? “SHELLAC” is the proper spelling. Interestingly enough it is a “resin secreted by the female Lac bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand.” I did not know that. That was my best Johnny Carson impression, did you think it was good? But there’s a joke there somewhere. Let me try: a resin secreted by females? sounds like my last girlfriend! I guess she was a Lac bug and my cock was an Indian tree! No seriously, she used to secrete resin, it was a medical condition, and I used to fuck bugs.





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