Effects of Amphetamine on a Human

I will attempt to orally ingest a 10mg tablet of Amphetamine. I will write the effects as they happen. And away we go:

3:32PM – Ingested pill. No immediate effects. Come on, what do you expect?

3:34PM – Starting to feel agitated and out of it. I don’t believe it is attributable to the pill, though. More the fact I can’t get my iPod to work on my computer.

3:37PM – Got my iPod to work, in the mood for techno/electronic/dance music. Playing Madonna’s “Forbidden Love.” Feel kind of fatigued, but that’s more because I went to the gym earlier. Editor’s note: I’d like to write a script for a class I’m in while under the influence of this drug. I hope I can pull it off.

3:39PM – Feel like I’m dozing off. Loving the heavy bass of Madonna, though.

3:40PM – Closing my eyes and feeling the music. Only been less than 10 minutes, hard to believe this would be an effect of the drug. Probably just tired from working out.

3:41PM – Started listening to “Like a Virgin.” It’s a fantasy of mine to have a girl sing this song to me. Sexily of course.

3:42PM – Soulfully sang along out loud to the lyric “like a virgin” and no other part. Inconclusive if that is an effect of drug or not.

3:46PM – Started to listening to Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody).” Still loving heavy drum beats.

3:49PM – Malaise suddenly lifted. Feel very clear-headed, breathing calmly. Feel at ease. Think it just hit me. Eyes feel clear, feel heavenly. Nice. Eyes wide open, so to speak.

3:51PM – Listening to Casco’s “Cybernetic Love,” the drum/bass is incredible. Shitting myself.

3:52PM –¬†Smiling for no reason. I am high.

3:54PM – Bit of a body high, warm feeling in body, light-headed.

3:56PM – Was thirsty, so got a drink. And peed. Thanks for asking. Feel like laying down. Laying or Lying? Which is it? Who knows. Should I have put a question mark for who knows?, well I did now.

3:58PM – The O’Jays’ “I Love Music” started. Appropriate. Going to lay/lie down.

4:07PM – Not tired anymore, but still don’t feel like writing assignment.

4:37PM – Kind of disappointed. The first time I did this I had much more of an effect, seemed to happen about an hour after taking it. Was having strong body high and very lucid thinking. Really none of that this time. Oh well, I give up.

4:51PM – The song “Amphetamine” by Superdrag came on. What a coincidence!


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