The Universe

So, today, on the subway, I came up with a new theory.  I’ve always been fascinated by time. What is it? It’s such an abstract notion. Is it the movement of a clock? The aging of a person? The rotation of the Earth around the Sun? It is my belief that time and motion are one and the same. I should say time, and distance and motion through distances are the same. The only thing that really informs us about time is movement, and movement requires distances. I am on a subway, moving from one point to another, but at the same time time is moving as well. At one point it is some time, and then by the time I get to another point it is another time. Now, looking at my watch, I see the dials turning. The dials are moving across distances, and that is time. Everything in the Universe, all matter, all thought, all time, was at the beginning, one singular thing. When the Big Bang happened it sent everything into motion. Every particle is being expelled outward currently in the Universe. This is time, every particle is in motion, and moving through time. Some particles stay together in motion, moving in unison, these are objects, other particles are moving freely, these are energy like light and sound waves. But everything is being propelled at the same TIME. Everything has the same propellent energy of time, injected from the moment of inception of the Universe. Time is the expansion of the Universe. Time is just distances traveled. Time and distance are inseparable. Time is just a measurement of distances. We have turned it into units, for our own uses. But that is completely constructed. Time is a figment of my dried apricot. Har Har.


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