My Advice to the World: Scream Louder

It’s not my nature to believe in Armageddon. It’s not my nature to believe these are the end times. I think that every generation has, selfishly, believed that they would be witness to the end of the world. It is so self-centered to think “the world has been around for billions of years, but it will end when I’M alive.”  Sure, it would be horrifying, but we secretly want it to happen when we’re alive. We don’t want to miss the last chapter of this amazing book. Imagine dying and the world ending a few minutes later? What a horrific death!  The more people there are on earth, the more horrifying natural disasters become. The more deaths that can accrue, irregardless that, percentage-wise, they may not be the most devastating disaster ever. In terms of absolute numbers, though, disasters will only get worse. And as information disseminates more freely, disasters seem to happen more often and more horrifically.  Years ago, an earthquake in Japan would only be reported to the rest of the world, weeks, possibly months later.  And we would only be able to read about it. Now, every disaster that befalls, is plastered everywhere, and we see loads of not only pictures, but moving images. It seems that there are more disasters, but in reality, there are just more disasters reported. And they seem more horrific because we can see it happen and we can imagine ourselves in it. Simply reading something is not as horrifying as having images replaying in our heads. I shook reading and seeing what happened in Japan. It is indeed terrifying and I outreach my heart and soul to those people effected.

It reminds me that we are still completely in a natural world. We are still beholden to the will of our planet. It does what it pleases and we are just along for the ride. In the past there weren’t gas lines to explode and cause fires, there weren’t nuclear power plants to crack open and irradiate us all.  As the world advances, natural disasters will be more disastrous.  It is so paleolithic of us to say “GOD IS ANGRY AT US.” What are we? Cavemen? Do we still believe that our planet is alive and attacking us? Come on people, this is nature, this has been happening for billions of years, and will happen for billions more. Because, face it, the only way the world can literally end, is when the Sun eventually engulfs the Earth (which is billions years off) or a black hole opens up near our Solar System and disintegrates us all. Even a meteor would not destroy the earth, sure it might end all life on earth, but the earth itself would still be here. It may be a smoldering, ash-covered mess, but it will still be here. The earth is here to stay, maybe we’re not. So, instead of saying the “world is coming to and end,” say “humanity is coming to an end” or the “world as we know it is coming to an end.”  All in all, I think that we’re just going through cycles on earth right now, the random accumulation of natural movements just happens to be all happening at once right now. Or seemingly so. Again, it just seems like there’s more disasters because more can be reported thanks to the internet and such. I think we’ll be fine. And those Japanese are such an industrious people, they survived not one, but two nuclear explosions, they will survive this. It is a testament to them that this earthquake was SO much larger than the one in Haiti, but there will be such less damage, because they are used to earthquakes and built their buildings and cities accordingly. They were prepared, the tsunami aspect you really cannot prepare for, other than having early warning to evacuate. God bless Japan, and the Japanese people. I have always had a fondness for your respectable and disciplined culture. Hope all is well. God bless. God bless. God bless.


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