Okay Well

You did some writing. You re-wrote that motherfucker at least three times. Maybe not for the better, but it’s still now more complete, maybe. Wait til they review it, then you will get feedback. What is comedy, anyway, without audience? It’s insanity really. Comedy is not about what I think is funny, it’s about what the audience thinks is funny. It doesn’t mean a goddamn thing what I find funny. I want to make others laugh. I’d like to make myself laugh too, though. I’m not doing that. Nothing I write has made me laugh, but, then again, I don’t laugh at anything. I usually only laugh because other people are laughing and it becomes infectious.

I don’t like seeing dead people. Yeah, I said it. I know it’s what you’re all thinking, I just have the balls to say it.

I think what I should do is just envision something I’d like to see on television and find funny, and write it. Just write what I see in my head, instead of trying to create something from nothing. Now, let’s see what I can come up with…NOTHING. That’s what. Big surprise. Goodnight.


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