Real Eyes

Get it? You don’t have it in you, you scared bastard. You are a rat, just like your dad used to say. You vermin. You’re vile, corrupted, useless and pathetic. Why do you even try? Oh, wait, you don’t, you don’t even try, that’s how useless and pathetic you really are. Even writing this is just a way to be getting out of what you know you should be doing. And what comes of it? Just scaring Sheba out of the room with your furious typing. I know, I know, you like to do it because it feels good to just be able to write. You know if you did what you should be doing, re-writing, you would just be staring at the page and not typing away furiously, maniacally, productively. Get with it you fuck, put up or shut up. It’s now or never, there is no tomorrow, today is the only day you’ll ever live, do it. DO IT. ALRIGHT I WILL BYE.


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