Chilly Dan

What up? Oh, you know, not too much. What are you doing? Oh, you know, just listening to some music. Oh, really? What are you listening to? Funkadelic, “(Not Just) Knee Deep” Oh, I know that song, it’s pretty good. It’s really long, right? Yeah, it’s like fifteen minutes. Wow, damn, just one of those funk anthems, huh? Yeah, you got it bub. It’s something you can groove to for a good long time. Good to be high to. You really feel those beats and vibes. Get down on it, that sorta shit. Yeah that hyped bullshit. I don’t give a fuck. You gotta pay just like everyone else does. I don’t care who the fuck you are. Get back in there and pay the man. Hey, hey, put the gun down and we’ll talk. I said get! Put the gun down and we can talk! I’m not talking to you with a gun in my face! Yeah? Doesn’t seem like you’re exactly in the position to be making the rules right now, does it? So maybe the person with the gun, aka me, will tell you what’s gonna go down. Now pick up your goddamn wallet, walk inside the bar, and pay the motherfuckin man. Alright, you got it, just don’t shoot me. I’m going, see? Yeah, now make like quicksilver and hurry the fuck up. Alright, alright, you’re the boss. That’s right ofay, I am the boss motherfucker. Now git bitch. You got it chief, you got it. Fuck you.


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