Hello Sobriety!

Just kidding, I’m writing this while smoking a cigarillo. Well, full disclosure, it’s down right now, but I have been smoking it. It’s hard to smoke and type. I wish I could write a song to describe how I’m feeling. Here’s a try:

This, everything, its not a given.

Death’s reserved for the living.

Your tables waiting you

just what you wanted too.

Fuck music. Let me just go freestyle.

Desolation. Loneliness.

King of the rats.

Martyrdom in subway sewers.

I drank too much

it wasn’t enough.

Life’s for living

but I haven’t figured that out yet.

The moon hidden by clouds

still shines onto hungry dewdrops.

I want to be out there,

floating on the misty clouds.

I can feel the cold wet air

gripping my face, caressing my hair.

The stars are writing

reach out and touch it.

What do they say?

Don’t dream your life away.


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