Real Life?

So, being a comedian is not easy. Being a writer is not easy. Being a performer is not easy. Being an artist is not easy. Being anything creative is not easy. Maybe for some people it is. And God bless it, normally I have absolutely no struggles with anything. My whole life, anything I tried to do, I was very good at without putting in any effort. This comedy thing, is completely different. Maybe that’s why it’s the only thing that appeals to me. Sort of like that physics class I took in college, it was the hardest thing I had ever encountered and I became enraptured with it. Maybe I’m so used to not having a challenge that I get really pumped to finally have difficulty. But, then again, one of the main reasons I am into comedy is because it used to be effortless for me. I used to just sit down, not with any concepts at all, and just start writing one thing after another. All completely different, original and unique. Now I’m lucky if I can come up with one good concept a month. Then writing it is a whole other story altogether. I struggle so much. Back in high school I wouldn’t even think. My fingers would just fly on the keyboard and I’d have something done within ten minutes at most. Going back and reading stuff that I used to write so easily and without thought, I am shocked. I cannot believe that it was me that wrote these things. It truly is like it didn’t come from my mind. I can’t imagine ever thinking in the ways that I have written. I really think I got it all from a higher source. I always said back then, that I was just channeling something through my fingers. I really wouldn’t even take credit for what I had written because I didn’t feel like I even wrote it.  Maybe that’s the trick, just not thinking. I definitely care way way way too much about what others will think and the end results. Oy. Let me try to write another sketch.


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