Gun Law Arguments

I want to preemptively attack the arguments that are going to come out today defending gun ownership in this great country of ours, after another senseless gun attack. 

1. “Criminals break laws, so making a law on gun ownership would be ignored by them, it’s pointless. They’re going to commit this act either way.” 

So, using that logic, why should there be any laws? You’ve identified the fact that criminals don’t care about what is legal or not, which I completely agree with. So let’s take the laws against rape and robbery off the books, rapists and robbers are going to commit their crimes regardless if it’s legal or not, it’s not stopping them. It comes down to your own moral compass, what you personally believe is wrong or right, in most cases will determine if you will commit a crime or not, not the legal ramifications. The reason there SHOULD be stricter gun control laws is pretty simple: the majority of people that commit these crimes, attain their guns through legal channels. They’re able to obtain these guns legally because they have no criminal record often until they go out, buy a gun and kill a bunch of people. Which brings me to the next argument that gun advocates make.

2. “If someone really wants a gun, they’re going to get it whether it’s legal or not.”

That’s probably true as well. The only thing is, I know of about literally a dozen places I can think of off the top of my head where I can go out and buy a gun TODAY. I literally know of NO place and NO one that I could go and try to buy a gun illegally. Again, this is just admitting defeat, “oh, well, they’re gonna get a gun, might as well make it as easy as possible for them.” No, let’s not make it as easy as possible to get a gun, sure they might eventually end up getting one, but if the process is MUCH harder it could actually deter people from trying, give up in the process, OR (and hopefully) get caught in the process of illegally trying to obtain weapons through various criminal channels. Gun control needs to start with the gun manufacturers. They should only be allowed to sell their weapons to law enforcement and military agencies, which are much more strict with who they give these weapons to and only in small cases get out to the public. Guns don’t just magically materialize in the public domain, they’re not easy to make in your own home (really viable and lethal guns, anyway). Gun manufacturers are to blame, they’re the ones providing the world with it. If we thought of it as drugs, we would see the gun manufacturers as the drug lords, producing the drugs. Cut off the supply and all the suppliers dry up. Kill it from the source. Regulate it right from the beginning, who gun manufacturers can and cannot sell their products to.

3. “We shouldn’t be making it harder to get guns for people, the world would be a safer place if EVERYONE had a gun on them at ALL times. People would be more hesitant to shoot others if they knew they were going to get shot.” 

I’ll take this argument in two parts, first sentence first. This might be the argument I take most offense toward. Try to imagine for a second, realistically, a world in which literally EVERYONE has a gun on them. Okay, so a gunman opens fire, say in a mall, now there are a hundred people surrounding him, all drawing their guns out. First problem, in these situations it’s incredibly chaotic, people don’t really know what’s going on, only a handful of people are going to know who actually opened fire first (who the bad guy is). Now you have the people who know who to shoot at shooting and then the people who aren’t sure, seeing those handful of people firing at the right guy. Now you have people firing at people that are firing at the right (bad) guy, thinking that THEY are the bad guy. In the process of all these people shooting from all directions, there is an incredible amount of crossfire, meaning people completely innocent are getting shot at from all directions being murdered. Basically, the more people that have guns, the more people that get killed, not the less. Next, as it stands, there is no training process to get guns. You know how when you want to drive a car, how you have to take a road test? It’s because we don’t want people driving on the road that have NO IDEA what they’re doing. With guns, for some reason, this doesn’t seem to matter. So, on top of having people shooting at random people from all directions, they also for the most part, will have NO training, this means they will be missing their target (even if it happens to be the “right” one) and even more innocent people will be getting killed. I, personally, don’t feel safer knowing ANYONE has a gun. Why should I feel safe that someone I have NEVER met, know NOTHING about, now has the ability to make the decision on whether to take my life or not? This goes back to the people shooting at the “bad” guy, they have to make a decision who “started” it. What if one day people mistakenly think I or you started shooting when we had nothing to do it? Oops, our bad, sorry, we shot you. I don’t even feel safe knowing the Police have guns, when I walk past an officer, I cringe, knowing that someone standing behind me has a gun and the potentiality to easily end my life. On top of this, EVERYONE should have a gun? Old people? Crazy people? Physically handicapped people? Children? I don’t even feel safe knowing those groups are driving vehicles, let alone packing weapons. (I don’t mean to disparage against handicapped, I mean those that are physically not able to steadily hold a weapon and aim correctly and so forth.) Also, have you ever been in a bad mood? Have you ever done something you regretted later while in that bad mood? Now imagine you had a gun on you, imagine what MIGHT have happened. Do we really want EVERYONE having a gun on them ALL THE TIME? A lot of people have a tendency to lose their cool and we’d probably be better off if they didn’t have a weapon on them when that happened. Plus, how I stated earlier how everyone is going to be shooting at them, one person shooting will turn into a hundred people shooting and dozens killed. 

Now to the other part of that argument: “People would be more hesitant to shoot others if they knew they were going to get shot.”

This is a complete and utter fallacy. You’re telling me that, even now, without everyone being armed, they’re not FAIRLY certain they’re going to get shot if they open fire on others? I think most people that go into a situation like this, maybe they are hoping they’ll be able to take out a bunch of people, but are aware that eventually the police are going to respond and are going to put an end to them as well. Yeah, maybe they won’t kill as many people before they themselves get shot, but they KNOW they are most likely going to get killed. In many cases, they probably WANT to get killed, but they’re so selfish they have a desire to take others down with them before they die. Suicide by police or something, I believe they call it, a person wants to die and provokes law enforcement to end their life for them. You look at the case of the Aurora shooting and that guy lived and is probably pretty upset that he did, probably did not expect to live and is probably horrified with the prospect of still being alive after what he has done. People that commit these crimes, 99% of the time I’m willing to guess, WANT to die as well. Often, if they themselves are not killed by others, they end up shooting themselves before capture. 

4. “Guns don’t kill people. People do. Should we outlaw knives and scissors and hammers, too?”

The most famous argument of them all. Right, just like cancer doesn’t kill people, your bodily functions failing and ceasing to be do. Or, bombs don’t kill people, the blast from them dismembering your body does. I get the point, anything can be used to kill someone if you want to. But, you have to admit, it’s A LOT easier to kill someone by using a gun. A lot more cowardly as well. There aren’t many other devices that I know of where you can take someones life without even being seen or heard by the person you are killing. With a knife you have to be within arm’s length of the person, while not a fair match, there is some level of protection that a victim can provide themselves with. Let’s be honest, guns are made to KILL things. There’s really no way to spin it, sure you can shoot targets, or just use them to make loud noises. But, what, really were guns even created for in the first place? To hunt animals and to be a new and deadlier weapon in warfare. All the other “weapons” actually have other uses and can be used in a harmful way. When someone kills someone with a gun, people say that is an inappropriate use of a tool, it’s not. That’s what it was designed for. It’s not someone using a carving knife to murder their spouse, it’s not someone using scissors to stab their neighbor. Those things ACTUALLY are designated for OTHER LEGITIMATE purposes. A gun is designed to kill, pure and simple. There’s no way you’re going to convince me that a machine gun with a hundred round clip that can fire 60 rounds per minute is somehow for duck hunting. It’s designed to kill people, a lot of people, in a short amount of time and there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that ANYBODY in this country or any country deserves or has a right to own one. Brings me to the next argument.

5. “The Constitution says we have the right to bear arms.”

Well, no, the Bill of Rights says that, not the Constitution, first of all. Secondly, the Constitution is a living document, one that was intended to be modified as times changed and necessities changed as well. The Constitution mentions slavery, but somehow we don’t strictly adhere to that anymore. The point is, the world of the times the Constitution was written in is COMPLETELY different than the times we live in now. In those times, most of our country was frontier, people truly lived on their own, off the land. There was serious risk of being attacked by “natives” and “outside” forces (British, French, etc). More importantly, hunting was an important and crucial part of life. Peoples’ lives depended on it. I know that some people still do hunt for food, but for the most part, if they didn’t catch anything, they’d probably still be able to survive by going to their local supermarket. In other words, the NEED for having guns, no longer exists. Also, and maybe even more importantly, try to imagine what the concept of “arms” were in 1787. The preponderance of weapons were muzzle loaded, 6-8 foot long muskets. These weapons fired one round at a time and then required close to a minute (by a skilled gunman) to then reload. On top of that, most did not even have rifling at this time, which meant they were incredibly inaccurate, on top of which, the projectile they were firing were so un-aerodynamic that it was close to impossible to hit even a large target from anything other than a few yards away. I believe that these sort of weapons should certainly be allowed to be owned by Americans, and the Bill of Rights supports that, go ahead. There is no need to own a pistol, there is no need to own a machine gun. If you want to own a rifle with a bolt action, then I can be okay with allowing that, I believe that that is for the most part something that is only very good for hunting (which is still killing) and is also incredibly hard to massacred tens and dozens of people at a time. No person should be allowed the right to singlehandedly murder scores of people and allowing these sorts of weapons to be legal completely lets that happen. Where do we draw the line? Should grenades be legal, too? Rocket launchers? Land mines? Why not surface to air missiles? Nuclear warheads? Battleships? Bombers? Allowing these WEAPONS to be owned by the public is giving them an “okay” to murder and I don’t trust just ANYONE being in possession of things that can so easily take my life and the lives of people I know and love. As stated before, I know realistically that bad people will still get their hands on weapons. But, why should we lie down and just make it as easy as possible for them? Why can’t we make some stand and some effort to try to curtail it in someway? To put up some roadblocks, to curb it somehow? As stated before, if that’s our mentality, then let’s make nothing illegal, stop the drug war, stop the war on terrorism, stop domestic abuse programs, let’s just let them walk all over us because “they’re going to do it anyway.” 


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