Ukrainian Nights (Like Ukrainian Days)

This is so exciting. It’s been so long since a war of white people vs. white people has happened. There’s nothing like it. Wars of white people vs. non-white people are so boring, not fun at all. The real shit goes down when it’s white on white violence. Let’s see what happens. Russia seems pretty intent on holding onto the Crimea. Ukraine is in no position to fight back against Russia, but if they could get an alliance going, then maybe it could be like WWI. Seems to me that Russia will occupy the Crimean Peninsula then demand there be some sort of negotiation. In the negotiations I can see Ukraine being divided into two countries. I can’t imagine Ukraine becoming part of Russia, but I could see the eastern half being turned into some sort of puppet government loyal to Russia. They’d probably grant control of Crimea to Russia, so it’d be part of Russia in everything but name. 


Let’s see if it turns out I’m right. Only time will tell. I can’t really see it devolving into an armed conflict, though. Ukraine isn’t going to open fire, they’d be annihilated. Russia is just going to hold its position as a bargaining chip. 


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