Love’s pricked ’em. Now, he’s another victim. You can bet, that’s a doll. When a pork likes ticks until his brain is insane it doesn’t mean he’s asian. For a rent that could Taj Mahal. Call it Hell call it dummy, that’s the doll, the doll. Taking half a dump on a trump call.

There’s nothing in this world more sad than a child sitting home alone in his bed whimpering about being a poor baby. Stand up and take a stance, young man. Get out there and fulfill your marching orders. Take it up the ass. Have adventures. Eat shit. Grow a garden. Jerk yourself off. Learn how to fly fish. Tongue your balls. Earn a merit badge. Suck twat. Call your mother before she falls asleep.

Pray! Pray that the day! The day! Is not nigh, for you and I. Are just like a couple of Kikes. Roaming around the loamin, punchin out lots of chimney pipes. Four cents a holler, four cents a holler I say. That’s the way, to take it all the way, to the hoop to the scrotum and the undercarriage. Blood is wine and fine dining is nice but when it gets down to it who wants to read a book about hypocritical sandal humpers. Trash can to heaven, trash can to hell, trash can to inner space, trash can don’t smell.

Norwegian Airlines is the airlines of Norwegian Cruise Lines, a proud sponsor of Norway, the country with the least amount of problems. White people, helping real white people, in the whitest way possible. Smiling in the snow during a blizzard, blonde hair flowing in the wind, blue eyes crying with joy. Jingle his balls, jingle them nice, jingle them until they jingle no more, all over YOUR chest.

No need to be polite, I’m Polish. That’s the name of my bumper sticker, Norbert Ortega Von Schlieffen Plan, the Plan of YOUR future! (Not guaranteed in Alaska) Fish ovaries. Bird testicles. Donkey tits. These are a few of my favorite things. These. Are. A. Few. Favorite. Blow me, Harry Connick, Jr. 😉

What’s heavier? Lead or aluminum? How do you know? What if it was a planet made of nothing but Aluminum? Is that lighter or heavier than a male African Elephant in Northeast Kenya, in June, in the shade, drinking water?

Imagine, black market horse dealers. Guy sneaking around in a dark parking lot all sketchy like “yeah, I got your horse right here, his name is Paul Revere, you got the 1000 bucks?” Nathan. Nathan. Nathan. Detroit.

Michigan. 178 Consecutive Years the Most Mitten-Shaped State in the Contiguous United States of America. I had pink eye. It was highly contiguous. Even my mom got it. My mom. My MOM. my mom. A poem by Edward R. Murrow, CBS STUDIOS 1954

Apple pie was once a scorned delicatessen.

Moonlight in Vermont. Noontime in Carlsbad. Half past 10 in Detroit.






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