Donald Trump :(

I’m really sad about Donald Trump. Or, I should say, I’m really sad that so many people like him. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that people are awful and the world is a shitty place, BUT I had a little flicker of hope in knowing that I’m a pessimist and more than likely blowing things out of proportion. Now I know I was always right, and all you optimists were the delusional ones. See? The world really is filled with assholes. Now we know without any doubt. There is empirical evidence to support my belief that the world is an awful place. Now I can put an exact number to how many douchebags there are in this country. Donald Trump running for president is basically the 2016 US Census of Douchebags. No longer can I console myself with the admonishment of “cheer up, you’re just cynical, there really aren’t that many bad people in this country.” Well, I was wrong. And I admit it.

If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist and a bigot, there’s no way of trying to deny that. You cannot justify voting for him if you believe in equality and religious freedom in this country. I know there are positive aspects that people point to in defending their choice of Trump. But, it doesn’t matter. He could be the greatest president of all time, make America the greatest it’s ever been, but none of it would matter. Any good thing you can say about Trump, or any reason you can give to vote for Trump, is immediately invalidated based on other aspects of who Trump is and what he wants for the USA. The fact that he said he would deport all illegal immigrants should be a reason he can’t and shouldn’t be President. The fact that he said he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States immediately invalidates ANY and ALL positive points you can speak about the man. The many disgusting, inflammatory things he has said about women and handicapped people all eliminate him from any reasonable choice to elect him. There is nothing American about this candidate or his supporters. When did the USA become the place that rejects those in need, that takes away opportunities for those seeking it, that shuts out people based solely on their religion? You cannot say you’re a “patriot” and a “True American” while at the same time wanting to deny other Americans and other people wanting to become American their rights. America is and always has been great because it is the best country in integrating and utilizing new people and ideas. America became what it is BECAUSE of immigrants, not in spite of immigrants. We didn’t overcome immigrants to become great, we became great because of immigrants. It is so short-sighted also, to create laws against people or suppress people based on ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Do you really want to set the precedence of banning a whole religion from your country? That seems safe now because white Christians have been the majority and had the power so long in this country, but that will not always be the case. Do you really want to allow the majority religion of the country to decide for all the other religions what they can and cannot do or can and cannot even be in the country? What happens if one day America is mostly Muslim? Should we create the precedence of banning certain religions now? You hurt yourself when you hurt any other religion or ethnicity or group of people. Let’s have our laws stand where they are, which is supposed to be equal, fair and balanced, for EVERYONE. Let’s stick to the letter of the law, especially when your party is always espousing that’s what they believe in. Freedom of Religion is one of our rights as American citizens, you cannot start to infringe on that.

The other point that bothers me about Trump’s supporters is that many of them are into him because of his “outsider” status and as a reaction to their own revulsion to the corruption in politics. I understand people not trusting politicians, and wanting to find a candidate who is not part of the corrupt system, but how in the hell do you delude yourself into thinking Donald Trump is not part of the corrupt political system? He freely admits that he is part of that system, having donated to many different politicians. Let’s follow that logic: politicians that takes money from rich businessmen are bad, BUT the rich businessmen who give money to the politicians are good! Basically what Trump supporters are saying is they want to cut out the middle man. Instead of a billionaire paying a politician to do what he wants, he’ll just do it himself! If you want a job done right…

I don’t know what will happen in the general election. I honestly never believed that Trump would become the Republican nominee (I guess, at this point he’s still not technically the nominee so who knows), I feel really weird writing about Trump in a serious manner like this. I never in my life have taken him seriously. I still don’t. I think he’s a joke. But, other people do take him seriously and it seems that that number keeps growing. Somehow people are excusing the truly awful aspects of him (or they secretly or not so secretly love it) and believing that he is what America needs. His stupid little phrases and obnoxious names for foes really enrapt people. There seems to be a trend toward anti-intellectualism in this country. People really embrace ignorance and self-expression and spectacle. Opinions matter more than facts. I feel a certain way, so that’s the way it is, and I’m right and should be proud of my stance no matter what the overwhelming facts to the contrary are. It’s considered admirable to hold true to yourself and not let anyone change who you are. It’s also admirable to be an asshole to people, apparently. I truly can’t believe this is happening. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.


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