Trump Delusion

You cannot espouse your support of Donald Trump while at the same time denying to be a racist. You are a racist, you are supporting a racist, you are supporting racist and xenophobic policies. You cannot get past that. Yes, maybe you want an outsider, yes, maybe you think he can restore America to its prior glory, that’s all fine and good, but it cannot come at the price of losing our values of equality and acceptance. I have no problem with people supporting Trump as long as you’re willing to admit that you’re a racist and a bigot. You cannot separate the two. I’m sorry, that’s just how it is.

And, once again, just to reiterate, if you’re voting for Trump because you want an “outsider” then what the fuck are you thinking? The whole issue over wanting outsiders is because of the belief that our political system has been infiltrated by big money and has been manipulated to only benefit the wealthy. So, why in the fuck would you just directly put the wealthy elite into power? Just so that we can be rid of the facade of pretending to be a functioning democracy? Let’s get rid of these proxies and just put in the people really in charge. To me, if you’re voting for Trump, you’re basically saying you just want to cut out the middle man. Trump has openly boasted how he has played the system and according to his logic, that is why he would be best suited to combat the corruption problem. Really? You’re going to fall for that shit? You truly believe that given this man the power to dictate national policy he’s really going to use that to benefit the masses? He’s not going to go ahead and personally enact all the policies beneficial to him that he’s been trying to get politicians to pass with his donations? He’s suddenly going to have a change of heart and want to use his powers to help all of us, not himself, as he’s been doing for decades.

So, do me a favor, if you’re voting for Trump, just say it like it is, it’s because you want to strengthen and recreate the status quo of white heterosexual Christians being in power in this country and having all the money and resources and advantages to themselves. Don’t give me some bullshit that you want an outsider, because he is not, he is the cause of the symptoms that you are claiming to be against. I’d have so much more respect for someone that would say “I’m voting for Trump because I hate Muslims and Mexicans and I don’t think too highly of women, either.” I can respect that. All your other bullshit reasons are so transparent. And, just for the record, no I do not respect people being racist, sexist, or bigoted in any way, but you get what I’m saying. At least I can respect you for being genuine.


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