Nuclear Korea

I like to write about things before they happen so I can have solid evidence of what my thoughts were before the fact. In the recent weeks there has been increasing rhetoric and a war of words between the USA and North Korea. More accurately, between President Donald Trump and North Korea. I still find it very hard to believe or accept the term “President Donald Trump” and if anyone had told me ten years ago that Donald Trump caused a nuclear war I would think it was a headline from The Onion. Seriously, though, if I die in a nuclear holocaust caused by someone as ridiculous and useless as Donald Trump, well, I guess it doesn’t matter because I’ll be dead, but if there is an afterlife I’ll be pretty pissed.

Here’s my thoughts on the subject: North Korea is a threat to no one except the people of North Korea. The only people that would have any interest in starting a war in North Korea would be the citizens who live in abject poverty and under a brutal totalitarian regime. The elite ruling class of North Korea, particularly Kim Jong-Un live in luxury. Kim has everything he could ever want and in abundance, his life is paradise. There is absolutely no way and no reason that Kim would ever want to lose what he has. The only way he could ever lose what he has is by a war starting, especially with the USA. North Korea and Kim may be delusional, but there is no way they have any misconceptions about the fact that they would be utterly annihilated by the USA and probably a coalition of other nations that would attack them in a war. That being said, there is absolutely no reason that Kim would want to start a war and in doing so lose everything he has. When North Korea shoots off their little missiles into the seas around them it isn’t as a threat of coming war, it’s as a threat of “hey, don’t attack us, because if you do, we will blow you up, too.” They know they wouldn’t win in any war, the best they can do is make it seem very undesirable to start a war with them because you would get fairly injured in the process, as well. The only way that North Korea is going to attack anyone else, is if they are attacked first. Unfortunately, the only way to deal with North Korea is to just leave them alone. It is a completely untenable position, they pose no threat to anyone other than their own people unless attacked, at which point South Korea, Japan, and possibly the USA would be in danger. In other words, attacking North Korea does NOTHING but endanger ourselves.

So, why would President Dumbfuck Trump want to attack North Korea? He says they pose a threat. That is true, they pose a threat if and only if attacked first. There’s no way that he and his military advisors do not know that. It’s pretty transparent what is going on. The oldest trick in the book of propping up a failing regime is to start a war. Who can you justifiably start a war with right now other than North Korea? They are the only country openly “threatening” the United States. No one would be very sad to see the North Korean regime removed from power. But, as I stated before, if you want North Korea to attack other nations, the only way it will happen is if you attack them first. So, if Trump decides to launch a preemptive strike then voila his predictions will come true with the bombings of South Korea, Japan and possibly American territories in the Pacific. It is not a coincidence that Trump is the least popular president in American history and desperately looking for a fight to pick. Nothing improves your poll ratings than being the leader of a nation at war. It is downright unpatriotic to not support your president in wartimes! And even more unthinkable would be to continue an investigation into the leader of a country at war! How unconscionable would it be to IMPEACH a president while at war?? It would be downright impossible. All investigations into Trump, all bad press on Trump, all falling polling numbers, everything would cease. Trumpy boy is a dummy but he knows well enough that nothing would help him out of his current predicament like a good ole war of existential survival!

I honestly don’t know if this will lead to war. I would like to hope that if the US does launch a preemptive attack on North Korea that it is with conventional weapons that are targeted at crucial military infrastructure in North Korea. Possibly just take out all nuclear weapons sites and missile launch sites before they can retaliate at all. If it goes further than that I hope it is nothing more than aerial bombings and naval bombardments. Nothing involving ground troops. Most importantly, it would be need to be a coordinated and approved attack with China and South Korea, possibly also Japan. Most importantly we CANNOT attack North Korea without China’s blessings and hopefully even support. If you really want to start a world ending war, pit the USA against China. Shit would get out of hand real fast. Also, since South Korea is going to endure the brunt of any retaliations by North Korea, you must inform them and have them fully aware of the plans and get their approval.

The end. I hope none of this happens. Maybe China will just take care of it themselves and everyone will live happily ever after.


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