Donald Trump :(

I’m really sad about Donald Trump. Or, I should say, I’m really sad that so many people like him. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that people are awful and the world is a shitty place, BUT I had a little flicker of hope in knowing that I’m a pessimist and more than likely blowing things out of proportion. Now I know I was always right, and all you optimists were the delusional ones. See? The world really is filled with assholes. Now we know without any doubt. There is empirical evidence to support my belief that the world is an awful place. Now I can put an exact number to how many douchebags there are in this country. Donald Trump running for president is basically the 2016 US Census of Douchebags. No longer can I console myself with the admonishment of “cheer up, you’re just cynical, there really aren’t that many bad people in this country.” Well, I was wrong. And I admit it.

If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist and a bigot, there’s no way of trying to deny that. You cannot justify voting for him if you believe in equality and religious freedom in this country. I know there are positive aspects that people point to in defending their choice of Trump. But, it doesn’t matter. He could be the greatest president of all time, make America the greatest it’s ever been, but none of it would matter. Any good thing you can say about Trump, or any reason you can give to vote for Trump, is immediately invalidated based on other aspects of who Trump is and what he wants for the USA. The fact that he said he would deport all illegal immigrants should be a reason he can’t and shouldn’t be President. The fact that he said he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States immediately invalidates ANY and ALL positive points you can speak about the man. The many disgusting, inflammatory things he has said about women and handicapped people all eliminate him from any reasonable choice to elect him. There is nothing American about this candidate or his supporters. When did the USA become the place that rejects those in need, that takes away opportunities for those seeking it, that shuts out people based solely on their religion? You cannot say you’re a “patriot” and a “True American” while at the same time wanting to deny other Americans and other people wanting to become American their rights. America is and always has been great because it is the best country in integrating and utilizing new people and ideas. America became what it is BECAUSE of immigrants, not in spite of immigrants. We didn’t overcome immigrants to become great, we became great because of immigrants. It is so short-sighted also, to create laws against people or suppress people based on ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Do you really want to set the precedence of banning a whole religion from your country? That seems safe now because white Christians have been the majority and had the power so long in this country, but that will not always be the case. Do you really want to allow the majority religion of the country to decide for all the other religions what they can and cannot do or can and cannot even be in the country? What happens if one day America is mostly Muslim? Should we create the precedence of banning certain religions now? You hurt yourself when you hurt any other religion or ethnicity or group of people. Let’s have our laws stand where they are, which is supposed to be equal, fair and balanced, for EVERYONE. Let’s stick to the letter of the law, especially when your party is always espousing that’s what they believe in. Freedom of Religion is one of our rights as American citizens, you cannot start to infringe on that.

The other point that bothers me about Trump’s supporters is that many of them are into him because of his “outsider” status and as a reaction to their own revulsion to the corruption in politics. I understand people not trusting politicians, and wanting to find a candidate who is not part of the corrupt system, but how in the hell do you delude yourself into thinking Donald Trump is not part of the corrupt political system? He freely admits that he is part of that system, having donated to many different politicians. Let’s follow that logic: politicians that takes money from rich businessmen are bad, BUT the rich businessmen who give money to the politicians are good! Basically what Trump supporters are saying is they want to cut out the middle man. Instead of a billionaire paying a politician to do what he wants, he’ll just do it himself! If you want a job done right…

I don’t know what will happen in the general election. I honestly never believed that Trump would become the Republican nominee (I guess, at this point he’s still not technically the nominee so who knows), I feel really weird writing about Trump in a serious manner like this. I never in my life have taken him seriously. I still don’t. I think he’s a joke. But, other people do take him seriously and it seems that that number keeps growing. Somehow people are excusing the truly awful aspects of him (or they secretly or not so secretly love it) and believing that he is what America needs. His stupid little phrases and obnoxious names for foes really enrapt people. There seems to be a trend toward anti-intellectualism in this country. People really embrace ignorance and self-expression and spectacle. Opinions matter more than facts. I feel a certain way, so that’s the way it is, and I’m right and should be proud of my stance no matter what the overwhelming facts to the contrary are. It’s considered admirable to hold true to yourself and not let anyone change who you are. It’s also admirable to be an asshole to people, apparently. I truly can’t believe this is happening. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.


Love’s pricked ’em. Now, he’s another victim. You can bet, that’s a doll. When a pork likes ticks until his brain is insane it doesn’t mean he’s asian. For a rent that could Taj Mahal. Call it Hell call it dummy, that’s the doll, the doll. Taking half a dump on a trump call.

There’s nothing in this world more sad than a child sitting home alone in his bed whimpering about being a poor baby. Stand up and take a stance, young man. Get out there and fulfill your marching orders. Take it up the ass. Have adventures. Eat shit. Grow a garden. Jerk yourself off. Learn how to fly fish. Tongue your balls. Earn a merit badge. Suck twat. Call your mother before she falls asleep.

Pray! Pray that the day! The day! Is not nigh, for you and I. Are just like a couple of Kikes. Roaming around the loamin, punchin out lots of chimney pipes. Four cents a holler, four cents a holler I say. That’s the way, to take it all the way, to the hoop to the scrotum and the undercarriage. Blood is wine and fine dining is nice but when it gets down to it who wants to read a book about hypocritical sandal humpers. Trash can to heaven, trash can to hell, trash can to inner space, trash can don’t smell.

Norwegian Airlines is the airlines of Norwegian Cruise Lines, a proud sponsor of Norway, the country with the least amount of problems. White people, helping real white people, in the whitest way possible. Smiling in the snow during a blizzard, blonde hair flowing in the wind, blue eyes crying with joy. Jingle his balls, jingle them nice, jingle them until they jingle no more, all over YOUR chest.

No need to be polite, I’m Polish. That’s the name of my bumper sticker, Norbert Ortega Von Schlieffen Plan, the Plan of YOUR future! (Not guaranteed in Alaska) Fish ovaries. Bird testicles. Donkey tits. These are a few of my favorite things. These. Are. A. Few. Favorite. Blow me, Harry Connick, Jr. 😉

What’s heavier? Lead or aluminum? How do you know? What if it was a planet made of nothing but Aluminum? Is that lighter or heavier than a male African Elephant in Northeast Kenya, in June, in the shade, drinking water?

Imagine, black market horse dealers. Guy sneaking around in a dark parking lot all sketchy like “yeah, I got your horse right here, his name is Paul Revere, you got the 1000 bucks?” Nathan. Nathan. Nathan. Detroit.

Michigan. 178 Consecutive Years the Most Mitten-Shaped State in the Contiguous United States of America. I had pink eye. It was highly contiguous. Even my mom got it. My mom. My MOM. my mom. A poem by Edward R. Murrow, CBS STUDIOS 1954

Apple pie was once a scorned delicatessen.

Moonlight in Vermont. Noontime in Carlsbad. Half past 10 in Detroit.





A Bowl of (Ebola) Shit

Ahhhh!! When I was about 8 years old I was riddled with irrational fears, most frightening of all were diseases. I was afraid of the most obscure illnesses, I’m really not sure where they came from. The two that frightened me the most, however, were Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Ebola Virus. I would literally cry under my bed praying to God that I would not get either of the two diseases, but convinced I somehow would. I don’t mean to be a hipster, but I totally was freaking out about those diseases long before anyone else did. I mean, now it’s so cool to be into ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Ebola. Psht, I was terrified long before anyone else even knew about them. Join the club. (Slight detour, but why isn’t it called Lou Gehrig’s Disease anymore? I mean, it was always also known as ALS, but I think it’s a little insulting that the man can’t have the disease that killed him. Lou Gehrig was an amazing baseball player and great guy, he deserves to live on in a degenerative disorder. At least give him that.)

I find it odd that somehow this Ebola is worse than the Ebola I lovingly grew up with as a child. How come the Ebola I came to fear in the 1990s was so much less important the newfangled Ebola of the 2010s, and why didn’t it create such widespread panic as it does now? It seems that anyone that was alive during that time period, who I mention that Ebola outbreak to, has no recollection of what I’m speaking about. I am aware that this current outbreak has caused more casualties and spread more widely, but the fear and attention it has generated began long before it surpassed the outbreak I grew up with and was terrified of. What’s the deal? How come you had to be a paranoid irrational fear-loving coward to be aware of Ebola 20 years ago, but now it’s common knowledge?

I think the answer has a few reasons. First off, we live in a much more cohesive world. By that, I mean anything that happens anywhere is known everywhere else within a matter of minutes. Not only is it known, but there are also myriad photos and videos available. All throughout history horrible things have happened, but they never seem quite as bad until you can actually see and hear them happening. Reading about some outbreak of a disease in a country you never heard of is a lot less terrifying than seeing victims of a disease dying slowly right in front of you. And not only seeing those victims, but being inundated with photos and updates and warnings. We live in a world so different from even 15-20 years ago. Shit, so different than 5-10 years go. Everything is so much worse and so much more terrifying simply because we are surrounded by it constantly and reminded all the time. We carry devices in our pockets at all times that will happily remind us of everything awful going on in the world and provide us with pictures and videos and sounds to go along with it.

Now, it’s one thing to be inundated with reminders and visceral images of horrors, but it’s another thing to have those images being slanted in fear-inducing ways. Some would have you believe that there are far greater nefarious reasons for news outlets to try to stoke panic into the populace. Conspiracies abound about how a fear-addled population is much more malleable and will allow the government to come in and take away their freedoms in the guise of our protection. To me that seems far-flung and quite honestly like much too much work. I’d have to wonder what the Hell is the impetus for someone to want the populace to be malleable and to have their freedoms taken away. Who cares? Who benefits from that? Just some dudes somewhere who love fucking with people and get off on human misery? It makes for a nice storyline that it’s completely intentional, but I really don’t buy it. I think it’s for nefarious reasons, but for different means. The fact is, news is not important anymore. We get our news from each other now. We don’t need some guy sent out by CBS or NBC to another part of the world to tell the rest of us back at home what is going on. We don’t all clamor around the TV or radio or newspapers to get word from one or two guys about what the Hell is happening somewhere else on Earth. No, now we know from a Liberian guy in Liberia, a Nigerian guy in Nigeria, what exactly is happening in those countries, and they can tell ALL of us. Directly to our little pocket devices we receive information from EVERYONE on earth about what is going on in this planet of ours. News has become irrelevant, we can inform ourselves. So, what’s the solution? Well, the important thing to remember is that news is entertainment. Sorry to say, but it is. News is not a non-profit organization. News is a business. And it is in the entertainment business. Sure, if you’re a hardcore journalist and believe in journalistic ideals then news is supposed to be about informing the rest of the world about what is going on in as unbiased a way as possible. But, that is not the case nowadays (nor really ever was). The news is losing money, very quickly. The internet has completely turned stalwart heralded news agencies into artifacts. The first thing to go were the newspapers, which closed one after another within the past few years. Then, even TV news channels like CNN started getting rid of entire departments, most often the foreign correspondents were the first to go (travel is expensive). And what have these news agencies turned into, what have they become? How do you fill 24 hour news programs when everyone already knows what’s going on in the world? Well, for one thing, you try to always be the FIRST to report something. Speed is everything in this day and age. Breaking news is all the rage and you want to be the guy that reported something first. You see again and again either straight-out false reports being aired or seriously flawed reports, anything to get it out on the air, even before the story is checked out and all facts known. Another thing the news reports on is things that hardly anyone would consider news: celebrity stories, dieting advice, exposes on mundane things like Subway footlongs not actually being a foot, etc. Why people are interested in these things, I have no idea. I assume they just are bored out of their minds and probably hate themselves and would like to know why they should hate themselves even more. Lastly, fear, fear is the number one thing to get people to watch the news. Again, it’s not because of some grand scheme to turn the whole country into sniveling cowards begging the government to save them. No, the idea is to get money. The more people that watch the news, the more advertising money they get and the more money the people that own those news channels make. Sure, it is nefarious, but not as nefarious as some would have you believe. Let’s create threats to everyone’s lives. For some reason, people are not turned off by these things but drawn to them. People want to know and crave to know how they’re going to die next and how soon it’s going to happen. How much ever closer ISIS and Al Qaeda are getting to them and how soon Ebola will be in their town. People don’t seem to have a fear of death, but rather a sincere fascination. It grabs our attention and makes us hold on.

Alright, so, is Ebola deadly? Yes, it is. Is it a horrible way to die? For sure. Believe me, I was crying under my bed as a child for a reason. But, let’s look at this rationally. As of today, there have been close to 10,000 cases of Ebola. In the entire world. Comes out to roughly .00014% of the Earth’s population has gotten Ebola. Of those, about 5,000 have died of Ebola, which is a crazy fatality rate, to be about 50%. But, again, 10,000 people on EARTH have gotten Ebola in this outbreak. How is this terrifying to anybody? Why is this causing such hysteria? If you were to turn off your computer, your phone, not read the news, listen to radio or watch TV and just go about your daily life, you would have absolutely no indication that Ebola even existed. Ebola has had no impact on your life whatsoever (I say that in general, there is obviously people it has affected and of course their communities, friends and family). In the United States there have been 3 confirmed cases of Ebola to date. THREE. Out of 300 million people. In other words 1/100millionth of the US population has Ebola. And yet you’re probably freaking out about it. What is it we are afraid of? What is causing the fear? Because it’s not the facts. It’s not what we see around us. Look around, no one is keeling over spewing blood out. You probably do not know anyone who has Ebola. The fear is from speculation. We are afraid of what COULD happen. We are afraid of something that does not even yet exist and most possibly will never happen. It’s time to stop living in fear. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run it is easier.” That is so true. Fear is a terrible place to be, you feel disempowered and hopeless. Courage, in other words, facing fears, is a great thrill. Sure, maybe you will die, but who cares, at least you are doing something about it. At least you are living as you want.

Yes, Ebola is a terrible disease, but right now, the most horrible affect of it isn’t deaths, isn’t sickness, it’s the fear it is gripping in perfectly healthy people. Until you see death tolls rising to the hundreds of thousands, until you see your friends and family succumbing, you have nothing to fear. Right now you are afraid of nothing except the speculation of what could be. I say, let’s stop skipping a step and actually wait until it gets to the point of speculation that we fear, and then we can begin to fear it. Why are in such a rush to be terrified? The Bubonic Plague wiped out about a third of Europe’s population. THAT is scary. THAT is horrifying. If a THIRD of the population of any country or continent were to die, then I say you have every right to be horrified out of your mind. A third is 30%, right now, we are at .00014%. We have a long way to go until Ebola becomes truly terrifying. Right now, it is only fictionally terrifying and that is not something I choose to be terrified of. I’m not afraid of horror movies and I’m not afraid of speculation. Live your life the way you want, if it happens to be that you enjoy unprotected sex in West Africa, then maybe alter your life a little bit, but otherwise, do not live in fear. You have nothing to fear but fear itself as of yet (another Roosevelt quote, I know. Those guys were good about not getting freaked out by shit). Ebola is a story, crafted by a dying industry, to try to keep themselves alive. Your fear of death is keeping them alive. Stop fearing death, keep living life and decide for yourself how to look at things. If need be, we could spin anything into being a terrifying possibility. But, until the thing we are scared of actually happens, what’s the point of living scared? It’s all bullshit. Ebola is a bowl of shit, being forced down your throat. Spit it out. Don’t open your mouthes at all. Goodnight.

We’re all going to die, but some of us are a lot better at living than others. The world is headed to shit. We are running out of food. We are running out of water. We can’t get anything together because terrible storms are going to keep destroying all our progress. The storms are just going to get worse and more frequent. We did it to ourselves. We don’t care. We just want to make money. Less and less people have more and more money. Somehow the fewer people with more money have convinced the people they’re fucking over to support them. We hate ourselves. We think we deserve to have shit. There’s no middle class anymore. There’s only the super wealthy and the poor. Christians support financial inequality and are against universal healthcare. Jesus wouldn’t want people to be poor and not able to afford to get medical help. Jesus wouldn’t be okay with people who work honest jobs all the time and still can’t afford a place to live and food to eat. There’s so much resources on this earth and so many people can’t get it. For no reason other than there are a few people that are beyond greedy who are taking it all. Who would it hurt if employees got paid more? How can the majority of people be against that? It’s a lie that it would hurt the economy. If it hurt the economy it would just be because the super wealthy are being vindictive and purposely doing it. Oh no, instead of $100 million an executive makes $20 million so that 1,000 employees can make living wages. How horrible. How terrible. How much he will suffer. How much he won’t be able to create jobs anymore. Bullshit. You can create jobs, you just don’t want to because you’d have to make slightly less money and still live an incredibly over indulgent and excessive lifestyle. It’s all bullshit. There’s enough for everyone to live comfortable and happily. There’s even enough for everyone to live comfortable and happily and for the elite few to live excessively greedy hedonistic lifestyles. There’s no need for suffering. If you’re against welfare and social programs then support fair wages. Who would want to work when you can make more money being on welfare instead? If you can have an honest job and get paid enough to actually live, then guess what? PEOPLE WOULD WORK. And the few that don’t want to work, fuck them. Let them live on the streets. But if you actually work and are good, you deserve a home, you deserve food, you deserve even having days off where you can spend your money to make the super wealthy even wealthier. This is how economy works. This is why our economy isn’t working. A person with $100 million can only buy so many Ferraris and yachts and private airplanes. 100 people with a $1 million will buy more things, and therefore stimulate the economy more. Billionaires don’t help anybody or anything. A thousand millionaires is worth so much more to the economy than one billionaire. It stagnates, it sits, it does nothing. Money needs to flow and be exchanged and circulate. I’m not an economist, I never took a class on money. Yet I recognize this, because I’m not a fucking idiot who is stifled by idealism and politics. I don’t give a shit. I am a pure-blooded pragmatist. I am a pragmatic humanist. What does that mean? I support whatever works. I support whatever works to help people. I support whatever works to give the most amount of people the best possible life. I’m not a socialist. I’m not a capitalist. I am closer to a capitalist than a socialist. I don’t think there needs to be strict distinctions. There should be aspects of every type of economy. WHATEVER WORKS TO MAKE THE SYSTEM WORK FOR EVERYONE. I want people to work for money. I want people to work and get a fair amount of money. What’s a fair amount of money? An amount that allows you to live without suffering, an amount that allows you to have a safe and clean home. An amount that allows you to have a healthy diet. An amount that allows you to have extracurricular activities and hobbies. An amount that would allow you to not be a miserable human being that feels helpless everyday you are alive. We all want the same things out of life. We created this system we are in. Stop saying there is nothing we can do about it. There’s no intrinsic reason that the world needs to be the way it is. We did this to ourselves. Let’s stop imposing suffering on ourselves. Let’s start imposing freedom and happiness. Let’s start actually getting back to what America was supposed to be about, what it never really achieved. Let’s actually create the world that the bullshit Declaration of Independence failed to achieve. Let’s get closer to the post-World War II world where there was prosperity in this country and hope for the future. Let’s do it without rampant institutionalized racism and cancerous fear of Communism and others. Let’s actually be what we want to be and claim to be. This world is going to shit so quickly it’s startling. We can change it, though. We just need to realize what we actually want and why it’s not that way. We need to stop being so quick to label people as wrong and “others.” Let’s be pragmatic, let’s drop the labels. Just because someone doesn’t belong to your “party” doesn’t mean they don’t have good ideas. Who the fuck cares if your team isn’t the winning one? As long as we benefit who the fuck cares? Get over it. Stop supporting ideas that actually hurt yourself because you think it’s your “side” or “team.” Stop being against ideas that would benefit you because then the “other side” wins. Stop it. Let’s start doing things to benefit ourselves, let’s stop being self-destructive. The world can be better. We can be hopeful again. We’ve all become so dreadful of the future. Humanity and history has all been about a sincere belief that the future would be better than today and better than the past. The reason the world is so fucked is because we all are so sure the opposite is true now. As long as we think it, then it is. Let’s move forward. It won’t be bad, as long as we decide it’s not. I’m not liberal, I’m not conservative, I’m not a democrat, I’m not a republican. You can’t be for or against me because I’m on your “team” or not. I just have ideas. I just have observations. I’m a pragmatist. I don’t care what you are. If you have ideas that will actually help, then I’m all for it. Let’s do it. Drop the affiliations, lose the allegiances. The only thing you should be for, is for humans. When anyone does well, we all do better. Stop hating, start supporting. We’re all in this together. It’s not a bullshit abstract idea, it’s the truth. Where else do you have to run to? This is the only planet we have, this is the only life we have. It’s now or never. Do it for yourself, do it for your kids. We have nothing else to do while we’re here.

Gone to Ukraine in My Mind

Wow, can’t believe it’s been over a month with this Ukraine bullshit. I’m glad I wrote down my predictions for what would end up happening. Seems like I was partially correct, partially wrong. 

I’m pretty shocked that Russia was able to annex Crimea seemingly without any sort of repercussions. Sure there are a few economic penalties, but pretty paltry for what they gained. Overall, though, I think Russia has lost more than it has gained. Its standing in the world has been severely tarnished and as a real positive sidenote, I can imagine this conflict leading to even more impetus for getting off our addiction for gas and oil. Pretty much anyone we buy our fuel from is our enemy. It’s getting ridiculous to be funding our enemies. 

So, prediction time. This is where being a fan of history really gets exciting, watching history happen in front of us. When you study history often and long enough, you start to see things as they’re happening from a future vantage point. I can already see where this is lining up in the long story of humanity. But, anyway. Crimea is now part of Russia and I can’t see that ever going back to Ukraine unless A) a war was fought, defeating Russia B) years from now a much more sympathetic and reasonable government takes over in Russia C) Russia installs a Pro-Russian government in Ukraine and then gives it back to them. I don’t really see any of those happening, so get used to the fact that Crimea is part of Russia. Congrats, your centuries old obsession is yours once again. 

So, what’s left to predict? Well, the same playbook that was used to get Crimea seems to be happening in eastern Ukraine. In my original post I posited that Ukraine could end up becoming two separate countries or the eastern half being absorbed into Russia. It seems like Russia is doing everything within its power to get the eastern part of Ukraine into their country. They are inciting bogus incidents in the hopes that the Ukrainians will react and create just cause for a Russian intervention. It’s amazing the amount of restraint that Ukraine has shown in not doing anything to spark a real war. I really wonder how the people of Ukraine feel about all this. Their country is being encroached upon by the Russians, it must be very demoralizing and violating feeling. 

As for what I think will happen…I really sincerely hope that this does not erupt into an actual conflict. Although, if it did, I honestly think that the rest of the world would stay out of it. No one really wants or is interested in getting embroiled in another conflict. I think the Russians know this and feel confident that they can take the eastern part of Ukraine without much resistance. They would easily defeat Ukrainian forces and then probably play into the fact that the West did nothing to help them, in order to draw them closer. Again, I hope this does not happen, but it seems almost inevitable at this point. Russia, or Putin more accurately, are deadset on gaining more of Ukraine. I hesitate to think they’d take all of it, but I don’t think they’re done carving it up. The Russians are pretty confident that there won’t be military repercussions against them from the rest of the world and even more confident that there won’t be economic repercussions because they know that that would hurt the West as well as Russia at the same time. Our hands are pretty much tied in this situation and I think Russia will be able to do whatever it wants. The real question is more what will they do after they get what they want here? And can we stand idly by as they do the same thing to other neighbors?

Ukrainian Nights (Like Ukrainian Days)

This is so exciting. It’s been so long since a war of white people vs. white people has happened. There’s nothing like it. Wars of white people vs. non-white people are so boring, not fun at all. The real shit goes down when it’s white on white violence. Let’s see what happens. Russia seems pretty intent on holding onto the Crimea. Ukraine is in no position to fight back against Russia, but if they could get an alliance going, then maybe it could be like WWI. Seems to me that Russia will occupy the Crimean Peninsula then demand there be some sort of negotiation. In the negotiations I can see Ukraine being divided into two countries. I can’t imagine Ukraine becoming part of Russia, but I could see the eastern half being turned into some sort of puppet government loyal to Russia. They’d probably grant control of Crimea to Russia, so it’d be part of Russia in everything but name. 


Let’s see if it turns out I’m right. Only time will tell. I can’t really see it devolving into an armed conflict, though. Ukraine isn’t going to open fire, they’d be annihilated. Russia is just going to hold its position as a bargaining chip. 

Why Am I Here (I Love America)

It’s a question not too many of ask, but it is so important. Do you ever wonder why you are where you find yourself right now? The answer is often intertwined with world events. Our personal histories are one in the same with world history, which is why the study of history is so interesting. When we learn about world history it is not some disconnected fairy tale, it is often our very own story. Think about it, I don’t mean it in the existential sense, but literally, why are you here? What brought you to be where you find yourself today? Not too many of us can claim that we’ve been Americans for generations (or any nationality, for that matter). The history of the world is the story of the movement of people. And the movement of people is the story of war, famine, religion, conquest, exploration and so on. Often times it is catastrophe that leads people to where they are now.

As an American Jew, the answer to this question is pretty simple for me: I’m in America simply because Jews were kicked out of every other place we lived. My family came here in the late 1800s, early 1900s, coinciding with the rise of anti-semitism in Eastern Europe, particularly the pogroms of Russia. As a Jew I am fortunate that I have a written account of my history through the Bible, which tells of the multiple diaspora of Jews from the Middle East. If I’m to believe the Bible, then the farthest back I can trace my ancestry is to Mesopotamia. The Roman and Babylonia diasporas led Jews to flee to Eastern Europe, which at that time was accepting of Jews. They lived there for centuries enduring various expulsions, until the Russian pogroms led my family to move to America, which by the end of the 19th century was of course very open to immigration and was the best option for minority groups. 

Why I landed in New York is fairly simple, it was the first stop for immigrants and offered the most comforts of home and job opportunities. Now I live in California and I wonder how and why most of the people here are here. What percentage came for the gold rush and where were they before then? 

Crazy to think that I am where I am and you are where you are because of world events, because of the actions and policies of specific people or groups of people. Those events seem so long ago and so disconnected from who we are, but it affects your life to this day. Your whole life is based on the events of the past. It isn’t something that has nothing to do with you. It’s your life, it’s your history. No one just appeared one day, we all have ancestors, we all are related to people throughout history. None of us are unaffected by the events of the past. So, why are you here?